Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Juniper Networks offering Try & Buy?

Juniper Networks recognizes there is a need to trial some products and services before making a large commitment.  We understand the complex technical requirements, budget process, performance requirements and delivery timelines. Juniper Networks wants to take all of the risk out of your consideration and make trying the best equipment a hassle-free opportunity.

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What types of Juniper hardware is available?

 All of the latest range of high-performance Juniper Networks solutions are available; including switches, routers, security devices, wireless devices, accessories and software.

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Who is eligible to participate in the Try & Buy Program?

This program is open to Juniper authorized partners and end users. If you are not currently a Juniper authorized partner and interested in becoming one you can find additional information:

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How do I request a Try & Buy?

Requests can be sent to

Authorized partners will work through the same channels as new sales to determine discounts. NSPs will be registered with Juniper and can be submitted to PureWrx at time of quote. PureWrx will quote and process orders directly with the partners.

End users will be matched with a preferred authorized partners in the event one does not have one.

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Can I work with my Juniper account manager to inquire about the Juniper Try & Buy?

Yes, you can work through your assigned Juniper account manager to get more information. To confirm availability and place an order, you must go through PureWrx, Juniper’s authorized program operator.

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Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

You can contact your Juniper Authorized Partner or PureWrx for any additional questions or more information.

M-F 8-5 pm

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How long is the trial?

The Try & Buy program offers a 60 day trial period from time the product is received with extensions handled on a case by case basis. The product can be returned or purchased any time within the 60 days.

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Is the Try & Buy Program completely risk free?

Yes, assuming the equipment is returned in good working condition and in original packaging, the customer will only be responsible for freight costs for the outbound and inbound in the case of the product being returned.

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In what countries is the Try & Buy program available?

The Juniper Try & Buy program m is available in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Latin America

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How does the return work if I do not purchase the equipment?

To avoid invoicing all returns must be in good working condition and in the original OEM packaging when received. The inbound logistics cost will be the responsibility of the customer. If the equipment is not returned within the allotted time and an extension has not been granted, PureWrx will have the right to invoice.

View the Shipping Returns Process for details

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What are my support options for this equipment?

All Try & Buy equipment will include Juniper care on product that is applicable.

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What happens if I want to purchase the hardware but not the support or licenses?

Support and licenses can be returned just like hardware at any time during the trial.

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Can my products partial ship if the new manufacturing lead times vary?

Yes. All items can partially ship and the trial period for each item will start at the time of shipment.

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What is the purchase process and payment terms?

Simply contact PureWrx with any requirement.  If you are an existing customer, we will process the request immediately based on your credit terms.  For new customers, a credit application will be required.  The Try & Buy terms and conditions will be set on the agreement sent to you at the time of purchase.

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What is required to process a quote or order?

A signed agreement acknowledging the terms and conditions of the program will be required. End user information will also be required for every quote and order. This is used for install base purposes as well as Juniper warranty but must be determined at time of quote.

End user information must include the following:








CONTACT (First/Last Name)


Purchase orders can be sent to If not shipping on the customer’s freight account, all shipments will be Pre-Paid and Add with DAP Inco Terms. 

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How do I set up credit terms with PureWrx?

If an account is not already established with PureWrx, a credit application can be provided. Credit is determined in 1-2 business days. Prepayment via credit card and PayPal are also available if preferred.

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Where does the Try & Buy inventory come from?

Try & Buy inventory ships directly from Juniper’s manufacturing facilities

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How can I find available hardware and inventory?

Contact your Juniper sales representation or PureWrx for availability and lead times.

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How can I determine inventory availability?

All current line inventory is available and follow new manufacturing lead times. Your Juniper account manager or authorized partner will be able to assist in confirming lead times.

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What is PureWrx’s relationship with Juniper?

PureWrx is Juniper’s exclusive partner in managing the Try & Buy program as well as the Juniper Certified Pre-Owned program and Trade program. 

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